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    The number of bets vary depending on the number of matches per day.

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    Strategy used for 5+ years to analyze matches and have the best possible predictions.

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    Your success is our top priority, which is why our team will be available to answer your questions at all times!

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How many VIP bets per day?

It is difficult to say how many bets there will be each day. Every day is different. On average, with all 3 sports combined, there will be 6 to 9 bets per day with all sports combined. It is better to only place bets that we are extremely confident of succeeding than to place more bets that we are less certain of.

Does the season pass include the playoffs?

Yes, the season pass includes the playoffs and its for 365 days.

What is the process of selecting recommended bets?

As avid bettors, we have spent many years studying and analyzing the different facets of sports and sporting events. We spend considerable time researching and analyzing statistics, team and player performances, and betting market trends. This system that we have been using for 5 years now continues to develop and become better and better every year. You can be sure that the recommended bets will be the best.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

It is possible to cancel your VIP subscription at any time, but it is not refundable. If you wish to stop a recurring payment, you can contact customer support and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

What happens if my subscription ends?

If you have selected a subscription that does not auto-renew, you will be automatically removed from VIP. You will receive a message telling you that your subscription ends today, and you will have the option to renew your subscription on our website afterwards. If you have selected a recurring subscription, that is to say a subscription which automatically renews at the end of each desired period of time (week or month), your credit card or your PayPal account.

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